Tannaz Razmi

Specialist, Cardiologist

Knowledgeable Cardiologist well-versed in conducting and interpreting tests to assess cardiac health and develop effective treatment plans. Successful Cardiologist is skilled at assessing conditions and devising treatments in line with the latest research and treatment protocols. Proficient in EKGs, cardiac CTs, stress testing and numerous other diagnostic procedures. Able to build rapport with patients to facilitate effective care. Background includes inpatient, outpatient, private practice and clinic-based care of individuals with cardiac concerns. Proven ability to provide care plans and help patients meet goals by delivering effective patient care and direct. Committed to increasing pand streamlining procedures and patient satisfaction.

Work Experience

DOA & EEG Computer Application

2018 to Current

Research Director

Kowsar Hospital, Shiraz, Iran

2011 to Current

Fellowship of Echocardiography

Kowsar Charity Heart Hospital, Shiraz, Iran

2006 to Current


Motahari General Hospitaleef, Marvdasht, Fars, Iran

2005 to 2008

Cardiologist in Chief

Modares Hospital Medical Center, Tehran, Iran

2003 to 2005

Senior Resident & Chief Resident in Cardiology

Cardiology ward, Moddares Heart Hospital, Tehran, Iran

2001 to 2005

Cardiology Residency

Modares Hospital Medical Center, Tehran, Iran

2001 to 2003

Assistant Resident in Cardiology

Shiraz University of Medical Science, Shiraz, Iran

1999 to 2000



Fellowship: Echocardiography

Department of Cardiology, Tehran heart centre, Tehran, Iran

Specialist: Cardiology

2001 to 2005

Department of Cardiology, Beheshti University of- Tehran, Iran

M.D.: General Medicine

1993 to 2005

Shiraz University OF Medical Science – Shiraz, Iran